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Miami Notable College Football Games
Florida State's 'Wide Right I' Loss to Miami
Miami vs Florida State
Nov 16, 1991
In the 26th rivalry meeting between Miami vs Florida State, this game marked the unfortunate beginning of a series of close games decided by a missed goal by Florida State. In 1991 both of these teams were undefeated and the game came down to a 34 field goal attempt. That kick was missed wide and to the right, which coined the term and the game has since been dubbed 'Wide Right I'. Miami won 17-16. 'Wide Right II' happened the following year. And two other wide rights and one wide left in the same rivalry happened just a few years later.
Randal 'Thrill' Hill's Excessive TD Celebration
Miami vs Texas
Jan 1, 1991
Miami's wide receiver Randal 'Thrill' Hill caught a 49-yard touchdown pass against Texas in the 1991 Cotton Bowl and celebrated in such an awesomely obnoxious manner it became the final straw in the NCAA cracking down on game taunting the very next season. Hill ran through the end zone and kept on going straight through Texas' tunnel as the announcer said 'C'mon on back, Randall'. Hill finally stopped to turn around and do a victory dance while still in the tunnel, doing finger-six-shooters blazing to make fun of the fact his team was smoking holes through Texas' defense.
Miami vs Nebraska in the 1984 Orange Bowl
Nebraska vs Miami
Jan 1, 1984
Nebraska battled back into this national championship game down 31-17 in the fourth quarter. The Cornhuskers scored on a 25 yard touchdown with less than a minute to go, facing a 4th and 8. That touchdown brought Nebraska within 1 point of Miami. Instead of going for the tie, Nebraska opted for the 2 point conversion try, and failed. Miami held onto win 31-30. (Overtime wasn't instituted in college football until 1995-96 seaon.)